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yo. i like being called mads. 18 yr old baby, my home is jesus and the mountains. mother of 3 rats (one is a dog.) really into loving ppl. i get to live forever. LIFE IS WEIRD OH WELL ...

this might be sort of a weird post but idc 

major s/o to my dad for being so cool and understanding and helpful about my time of the month. he’s learned my cycle and knows when to expect me to be PMSing and so he’s very gracious the few days before i get it when i’m super cranky and moody and short-tempered and when snap at him and he could so easily be a dumb guy and be “grossed out” by periods and not give me any slack but he understands how much it sucks and is so kind about it and goes to the drug store to get me tampons when i need him to and isn’t embarrassed about it and is sympathetic when i complain about the pain and takes care of me as much as he can AND IT’S JUST SO GREAT because i feel like so many guys today act like periods are repulsive and don’t want to hear anything about them and think us girls should keep all that stuff to ourselves which is so DUMB, guys need to learn to be more understanding and compassionate about girls having to deal with this every month and i’m very proud of my dad, a white middle aged conservative man (specifying because i know people love to generalize and act like all white middle aged conservative men are misogynistic ignorant jerks) (my dad is not) (so take that) for being so cool and understanding and compassionate and i’m thankful we are able to freely talk about my period without me having to feel “embarrassed”

that is all

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