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it is a business plan for a bakery in india...



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Executive Summary



Description of business



Ownership and


Management 4.

Legal Aspects



Market Analysis



Market Strategy



Management Plan



Operations Plan



Risk Assessment and


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Financial Planning


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Nature’s Bounty is a start-up coffee and bakery retail establishment located in Kalaghoda, Mumbai. A diverse neighborhood in the heart of city has been only able to attract “cheap eat” restaurants to open in its commercial center in the past. Healthy food options are a significant unmet need for the people who live and work there. Nature’s Bounty will be located in a newly renovated 2000 square foot café and bakery production space. We will offer fresh, healthy food options to the people who live and work in the neighborhood. In addition to retail sales, we will sell quality baked goods wholesale to coffee shops, cafés, restaurants and specialty convenience stores around. In the initial years of operations, sales from the Nature’s Bounty retail operation will be the most significant source of revenue, while the wholesale portion of our business will aid in our long-term sustainability. The Nature’s Bounty Café will set itself apart by offering delicious, healthy food made from scratch. Targeted marketing with people who work and live in Kalaghoda will attract customers for lunch and coffee and baked goods at the Café. Our wholesale baked goods will offer great taste and superior nutrition. Direct one-to-one marketing to coffee shops, cafés, restaurants and specialty convenience stores will attract wholesale customers.

DESCRIPTION OF THE BUSINESS: On May 9, 2013 The Nature’s Bounty Café will open its doors. From maple scones to robust slaws, jerk chicken, as well as soups, sandwiches, and muffins, everything we serve will be made from scratch with nutritious and delicious ingredients. Awareness of the health impact of food is growing in the diverse community. A vibrant but struggling commercial center in the heart of inner has several take-out “cheap eats”, but no place offering fresh, healthy options. Our conversations with employees and residents show that they want an alternative. Our goal is to offer a wholesome, delicious menu at affordable prices to the people who live and work in here. Awareness of the health impact of food is growing in the diverse city. A vibrant but struggling commercial center in the heart of city has several take-out “cheap eats”, but no place offering fresh, 3|Page

healthy options. Our conversations with employees and residents show that they want an alternative. Our goal is to offer a wholesome, delicious menu at affordable prices to the people who live and work in here. The 2,000 square foot space includes a state-of-the-art kitchen with production space and equipment to prepare a wide range of fresh baked goods and wholesome foods, all made from scratch. Executive Chef Emmons will use a wide variety of fresh vegetables, herbs, and whole grains to craft healthful and creative yet simple food. She has developed a menu based on the neighborhood’s desires, drawing on dozens of her already well-tested recipes. She will also offer a range of products for people with specific health needs, including heart-healthy, non-dairy, low-fat, and sugar free items. All our options will be offered at a rate competitive to prices in the neighborhood.

Wholesale To balance the risk inherent in a single revenue stream from a retail location, our goal is to grow our wholesale business selling quality baked goods to establishments. We will continue to deliver our popular line of fresh baked goods to coffee shops, convenience stores and restaurants. We will also be adding a new and unique healthy product line that includes dairy-free muffins, vegan coffeecakes, and other delicious baked goods with superior nutritional value.

OWNERSHIP: The café is jointly owned by three partners Shweta Nath, Mousam Ruparel, Michelle Andrew who have equally pooled in funds and will equally share the profits.

MANAGEMENT: To create and deliver on the promise of our offerings, we are relying on the talent of Mrs. Emmons, our Executive Chef. Chef Emmons is a renowned chef and restaurant entrepreneur with 20 years of restaurant experience. She will draw on the culinary traditions of the various cultures of Dudley Square to prepare delightful food that is honestly good. She will bring her expertise in streamlining operations to make good food affordable.


LEGAL ASPECTS Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 This act is the basic statute that is intended to protect the common consumers against the supply of adulterated food. This specifies different standards for various food articles. The standards are in terms of minimum quality levels intended for ensuring safety in the consumption of these food items and for safeguarding against harmful impurities and adulteration. The central Committee for Food standards, under the Directorate General of health services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, is responsible for the operation of this act. The provisions of this Act are mandatory and contravention of the rules can lead to both fines and imprisonment. Objective To protect the public from poisonous and harmful foods. To prevent the sale of substandard foods. To protect the interests of consumers by eliminating fraudulent practices Standards on Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 1977 These rules lay down certain obligatory conditions for all commodities that are packed, with respect to declaration on quantities contained. These rules are operated by the Directorate of Weights and Measures, under the Ministry of Food and Civil supplies


MARKET ANALYSIS: A.)Retail Market: Kalaghoda lies at the center of a culturally diverse, economically mixed, neighborhood that has undergone a period of steady growth over the past 20 years. Selling lunch, coffee, and baked goods to people who live and work in this area will drive the Café’s retail business. It is mainly a commercial center with banks like HSBC, Standard Chartered, Bank of India, HDFC having their head office located around. The High Court is also at close proximity. There are also plenty of residencies within one mile of the decided location. Based on our primary and secondary research, we make a set of assumptions: on average, employees purchase lunch in the area ten times a month (2.5 times a week) and residents purchase lunch in the area once a month (0.25 times a week). We also make the assumption that, on average, employees purchase breakfast or have a coffee break in the area once a week and residents purchase breakfast or a snack in the area twice a month (0.5 times a week) Potential Future Growth in the Retail Market: This is an area that is experiencing continuing positive economic and social transformation. Competition In this section, we explore the competition that Nature’s Bounty faces in the lunch and the coffee and baked goods market. The Nature’s Bounty Café’s retail market competitors in this area are existing lunch spots as well as places that offer takeaway coffee and baked goods. Some employees also choose to bring their own lunch. Cheap eats: There are a lot of cheap eat restaurants around that place, offering variety of food on the streets or small dine ins. Convenience Stores: The local convenience store has a few pre-made sandwiches for sale


Cafes and Coffee shops: There are a few cafes like CCD, The Pantry, and Starbucks around this place. Competitive Advantages: Based on our primary and secondary research in the retail market we found the following unmet needs, which we hope to channel into opportunities for the Bakery Café: Respondents noted that there are currently no salad and soup options in here, and that the sandwich offerings are dull at best. “We’re stuck with sub shops around here. I just want a wrap, or a fresh sandwich on some nice bread.” “The people here are dying for some salad that’s not just a bunch of iceberg lettuce.” Those looking for healthier lunch choices are also at a loss. Lack of good options causes a number of people to choose to bring lunch from home. Among those we interviewed who primarily bring their own lunches; all said that they would be willing to eat out more if there were more options available, including soups and salads and vegetarian options. Competitive Advantage: Nature’s Bounty will offer fresh, healthy, delicious food. We will change a third of our menu items on a weekly basis, including soups, salads, and rice dishes to offer continuous new options for repeat customers. Unmet Need: Good Options People can’t find good food for lunch in this area. “We’ve already had everything in the area 50 million times,” said one respondent Competitive Advantage: The Café’ will be centrally located in the heart of the suburb, competing favorably with restaurants and bakeries outside on the basis of proximity and convenience. B.)Wholesale Market Size The wholesale market for baked goods is large. We have identified an additional 40 cafés located between 5 and twenty miles from our new location.


Competition Several other bakeries in the area currently sell wholesale baked goods. Based on feedback from our customers, many of whom order or used to order from these vendors, Nature’s Bounty will offer comparable, and often better, quality baked goods. Significant recent consolidation in the industry has reduced the number of baked goods vendors, and, according to the perception of several existing and potential wholesale customers we talked with, driven down both the quality of baked goods and the level of customer service at the remaining bakeries offering wholesale baked goods.

Unmet Need: Product Quality and Variety We discovered a significant unmet need for high quality baked goods, made from natural ingredients, delivered fresh every day, with good customer service. “When I say we look for ‘healthy’ products, I mean that customers mostly want things that are free of chemicals and preservatives. Our customers not only look for good taste, but want to be reassured that it’s good for the body – to the extent possible for a muffin, or cookie, of course!” Competitive Advantage: Nature’s Bounty will offer our customers delicious products made with careful attention to health and nutrition, using natural, whole ingredients. We are also currently developing a number of products that appeal to people with special dietary preferences such as low fat and nondairy. We will be using a significant ratio of whole grains, and we will also use oat bran, wheat bran, wheat germ, and cooked brown rice, among other grains. Despite the low-carb diets, we have found a growing interest in whole grain baked goods from our purchasers. Most said they would try a sample and consider buying baked goods wholesale from us if they liked what we had to offer. This is an evolving market that is still underserved.

MARKETING STRATEGY: In order to hit our target numbers for customer visits, we have established the following strategy for our three retail customer segments: the primary employee market, the secondary employee market, and the residential market. We will target the three market segments according to the following timeframe: • Year 1: Focus on primary and secondary employee market 8|Page

• Years 2: Continue to attract employee customers. Initial efforts to attract residents. • Year 3: Shift focus to residential market. Maintain employee customer base. We are targeting the employee market in the first year in order to establish a foundation for a sustainable business. Our research leads us to believe that the employee market will be quicker to respond to the opening of the Café and become loyal, repeat customers. After building a stable customer base in the employees market, we will be able to dedicate greater efforts to bringing fresh, healthy food to the residents of the neighborhood.

Customer Profile Our first customers will be primarily office workers at non-profits, government agencies and private companies located in and around the area. Our customers will represent a wide range of ethnic, racial, and cultural. The residential community is also highly diverse. The majority of office workers fall into a mixed age range from their mid 30’s to late 50’s. Based on our research, they are interested in their health and appreciate fresh food that is good for you. They are looking for food options that offer both variety and good taste. “We are always looking for something new that is better than what we have here now,” said one employee. At the same time, they have limited time and need quick service. Product Through our product offerings, the Café will connect with our customers and celebrate the diversity of people who live and work in Dudley Square. We will offer a menu inspired by the cultural and historical traditions of the neighborhood. Our menu will emphasize healthy eating and healthy living. Our food will be made from scratch using fresh vegetables, herbs, whole grains and little if any processed foods. Our products will have no preservatives, no trans-fats. We will seek to use ingredients that support local sustainable agriculture, organic whenever possible. We will produce food that is high in nutrients and low in fat. We will be conscious of different health needs and offer specialty products including heart-healthy, non-dairy, low fat, and sugar free items.


The menu will be based on a core menu of consistent offerings, augmented by new menu items every week for those who are always seeking something new and different. Staff will provide friendly, welcoming and quick customer service. Pricing: Our overall pricing strategy will be based on competitive benchmarking. We will track our production costs consistently on a per item basis to ensure profitability. Affordable items and discounts Our competitive pricing strategy will help make our high quality, healthy products accessible to local residents of the community. We will also be sure to offer a range of products at varying prices so that more people can find something they can afford. In addition, we will also offer indirect price discounts to those living in the area. Given that residents will be more likely to visit the Bakery Café on weekends, we will offer “special” brunch products on Saturday that will be priced more affordably, such as sandwiches for Rs.80 Positioning: The Café will be the place to go in Kalaghoda for fresh, healthy, delicious food at an affordable price, and sit down to enjoy it. Distribution: The Café will sell our products from our retail location in the heart of the suburb. Most customers will be walk-in customers. Food will be available for eat-in or take out. The Café will have tables and chairs to accommodate approximately 40 eat-in customers at a time. Promotion: The Nature’s Bounty will use the following promotion methods to communicate our compelling product and price positioning to the retail market. The Café’s “soft opening” will be held on a weekday the first week after moving in. We will hold an opening party and invite people from key workplaces and community organizations for a free “preview” tasting of our products. We aim to invite 500 people at 15 companies and organizations to come to the

10 | P a g e

Bakery Café, try free samples of our food, and take copies of our menus back to their workplaces to share with others. We will also be open to any feedback regarding our products at this time. We will officially open for business after our “soft opening”, and will spend the next two months refining our products and process/operations. Then, we will hold our grand opening, which will be highly publicized and open to the general public. The Café will be open all day, with rotating product samples and coupon giveaways. People will have the opportunity to experience the space, the food, and bring our menus home to share with others. We will also pursue all media avenues for listing and announcing our opening event in local newsletters and papers. In order to publicize this event, we will mail invitations to all of the businesses, offices, and organizations in Kalaghoda that employ the people working within 0.5 miles of the Café, along with copies of our menu. By highlighting our mission as well as our product offerings, we will recruit employees at workplaces to be “Café Coordinators”. We expect people to be interested in participating because they support the mission of the organization and like the food, but we will also offer them free lunch once a month for a year. We will provide them with marketing materials about the Cafe, including menus, coupons, and text for email messages with special offers. We will also work with them to arrange free tastings of Nature’s Bounty products at their workplaces. We are currently developing a website that communicates information and educates visitors about our products and mission. Our website will provide directions and a printable menu. We will also use our website to educate visitors about the high quality of our product, the wholesome, natural ingredients we use, and our all-scratch process. We will explain to our customers why our products are healthier and more nutritious. In Years 2 and 3, we plan to have our growth come from customers in the residential market as well as the secondary employee market. As a result, beginning in Year 2 we will start resident outreach, and continue this focus in year 3.

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Offering Community Specials In addition to reaching the community through organizations, we will also seek to draw in individuals through community-oriented promotions. To reach residents, we will post flyers and leave menus with coupons at least once a month in or near establishments that draw a lot of foot traffic, such as the post office, the library, the health club, etc For our “bring your grandparent to brunch” special on Saturdays, we will give two free cookies or brownies to anyone who has brunch with his/her grandparent in the Bakery Café. There will also be an ongoing competition called “Spill the Beans” held once a month. Customers of the Bakery Café are encouraged to share a family recipe or personal favorite on an entry card. Chef Emmons will select four or five finalists, who will have the opportunity to bring in their dish to the Bakery Café on a given day. The community will be invited to try the different dishes and vote for their favorite. The Bakery Café will prepare the winning recipe every Friday as a menu special until the next winner is picked. The winner will receive recognition at the Café, and be awarded free lunch for five. Wholesale With our increased production capacity at the facility, we will add more wholesale customers. We will focus on attaining larger accounts in order to spread delivery and logistical costs most efficiently. By then end of year one, we will increase our wholesale business to 20 customers. By the end of Year 2, we will increase our wholesale business to 27 customers. In Year 3, we will slightly decrease the number of accounts we serve to 22 customers. Given the price sensitivity of wholesale customers, we will price our wholesale products to match the prices of our competitors for similar items. We will drive our wholesale sales through direct one-to-one outreach. The Bakery Director will be responsible for visiting targeted cafés, coffee shops and specialty/convenience stores with product samples and wholesale menus.

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Performance Milestones We will measure our performance and success based on a number of metrics. We will track: Marketing Activities: • The number of businesses where we have outreach coordinators • The number of community events we have participated in • The dates and numbers of places we have done literature drops Marketing Outcomes: • The number of customers that visit our store each week • Customer usage of coupons • Visits to our website • Our weekly retail revenues • The number and size of wholesale accounts that we add each month

MANAGEMENT PLAN Management A management team made up of an Executive Chef and a Bakery Director will lead the Bakery Café. The Executive Chef will oversee operations and the training program. The Director will oversee financial management and business development, including marketing and sales. Jointly, they will make the many decisions necessary in running the day-to-day operations. The Executive Director of Nature’s Bounty will oversee the Bakery management team and ensure that all financial and programmatic targets are met. The Executive Director will hold weekly business meetings with the management team. The Executive Chef will be responsible for managing the kitchen. Her responsibilities include running the café, cooking and serving customers every day during the start-up phase; product development, setting up and monitoring production processes; ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the kitchen and 13 | P a g e

staff; and implementing the Training Program, including lesson and curriculum development. She will also be responsible for managing kitchen staff. The Bakery Director will be responsible for developing the business and for the administration of the training program. Her responsibilities include sales and marketing; financial management including bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable, and payroll, and preparing monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports. She will also be responsible for the administration of the training program, including recruiting and placing trainees and maintaining training program records and reports.

Staff: The Sous-Chef will be responsible for the preparation of foods for the café until business demands that the café hire another cook for the Sous-Chef to manage. The Sous-Chef will be supervised by the Executive Chef. The Bakery Production Manager will be responsible for managing all day-to-day workflow in the production of baked goods. The Bakery Production Manager will be supervised by the Executive Chef. The remainder of the staff will consist of two full-time Baker-Trainers responsible for bakery production. One of the Baker Trainers will also be responsible for deliveries. They will be supervised by the Bakery Production Manager. Trainees Through the Bakery Training Program, we will provide paid part-time hands-on training in baking and job skills to eight men and women a year facing major barriers to employment. We will add trainees as the business grows for a total of ten trainees a year in Years 2 and 3. Compensation Executive Chef: Rs. 875000 Bakery Director: Rs. 800000 Training Coordinator: Rs. 487500 Production Manager: Rs.715000 Sous-Chef: Rs 502000 14 | P a g e

Café Counter Worker: Rs. 280800 Business Expertise The Café’s management team represents a strong mix of both restaurant and business skills, as both are equally important in running a successful Café. Executive Chef Emmons has twenty years of experience as a successful chef, cookbook author, pastry chef and entrepreneur. She graduated from New York University in 1985 with a degree in food service management

OPERATIONS PLAN: Facilities: Nature’s Bounty will be located on the ground floor of a former industrial building in the center of CST. The newly renovated space, designed by Mehtas of the restaurant design company CKI designs, captures the flavor of the old factory space with its tall windows, exposed brick and high ceilings. At the same time, the cafe is welcoming and warm, with beautiful lighting, freshly painted tables and chairs, and a big bakery case filled with fresh pastries.

Production Schedules and Processes Café Service The Café will be open 7 am to 11 pm Monday through Sunday. Customers will walk up to the cash register past the bakery case to place their orders and pay. Orders will be called out when ready for customers to pick up from the counter. In the start-up phase, the Executive Chef will be working every day in the Café, preparing food, taking orders, working the cash register and developing the menu to respond to customer tastes. The Sous-Chef will be working 5 days a week. He will be responsible for prepping food for the lunch rush and, during lunch, assembling sandwiches. A third Café worker will work part-time to cover the lunch rush during the week.

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Bakery Production The Bakery will operate from 5 am to 5 pm. Three baker trainers, (including the production manager), and trainees will mix, bake and package quality baked goods. Bakery Production Schedule Nature’s Bounty will prepare all baked goods from scratch. Because we will use all natural ingredients and no preservatives, and because all items are sold fresh, everything is prepared according to a “just-intime” schedule.

Wholesale We will prepare baked goods for wholesale at the same time we are baking for the retail, taking advantage of efficiencies of scale. Quality Controls The Executive Chef will be responsible for assuring food safety in the facility. She will maintain sanitation through vigilance, with a particular focus on food storage, employee’s personal hygiene, and the cleanliness of the equipment and facility. The Baker-Trainers are responsible for maintaining quality control in the production of baked goods. All items will be prepared from standardized recipes to ensure quality and consistency. Although the Bakery is a learning environment for the trainees, it is also a business, so maintaining quality is the highest priority.

Baker-Trainers work alongside trainees,

supervising and checking their work, especially early in the trainee’s six month program. Inventory Management We will operate on a First-in-First-Out (FIFO) food rotation system. The Production Manager will be responsible for checking that all ordered items are received. The Production Manager will also conduct a weekly food inventory and check for spoilage and damage. We will use production schedules that maximize freshness and minimize waste.

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RISK ASSESSMENT AND PLANNNG: Overview We recognize the risk inherent in opening a Café in this area. Our overall strategy to manage risk is to have the flexibility and understanding within our operation to respond quickly and effectively to address problems as they emerge. We have built this flexibility and expertise into our business model in two primary ways: • Qualified management team with necessary restaurant and business experience • Diversified income stream including both retail and wholesale sales

Potential risks include: 

High Sales:

Risk: Too many people show up, particularly during peak hours such as lunch between 11:30-1:30, outstripping our capacity to serve good food quickly. Customers leave disappointed at the quality of the food or service. Strategy: Our Executive Chef is an experienced restaurant chef. She has been running a busy restaurant for 3 1/2 years. 

Key Personnel Loss

Risk: The departure of Executive Chef Emmons leaves the Café without a qualified leader. The success of the Café is heavily dependent on the skills, experience, media connections, and creative energy of Executive Chef Emmons. If she chooses to leave, the business may lack the capacity to grow according to our projections) Strategy: Chef Emmons has made a commitment for two years. If she leaves, we will conduct an extensive candidate search to find and hire someone with similar gifts, experience, and reputation.

17 | P a g e

Health Risks

Risk: Customer experiences a food related illness as a result of eating food prepared at the Café. Strategy: We maintain sanitation through constant attention Trainees receive training in sanitation in their first two weeks in the program. In case of an emergency, we carry liability insurance 

New competitors enter the market

Risk: Since there is a very obvious need for better lunch and coffee options in this, it is possible that other entrants may eventually come as well. This would likely occur if we are successful in our business. According to our retail market analysis, there is room in the retail market for new entrants. Strategy: We will continue to differentiate ourselves by offering great-tasting, healthy food with attention to service, and customers will keep coming back.

FINANCIAL PLAN Our projected financials assume significant growth of annual revenue growth in the retail Bakery Café business in Year 1, followed by slower growth in the following two years. Our wholesale business will grow significantly in Years 1 and 2, followed by slower growth in Year 3.The overall driver of our revenues in the early periods of our plan will be our ability to meet an unmet demand for healthy Our affordable meals in the area, as outlined in the marketing section

Projected Income Statement: Particulars

Year 1(Amt in Rs.)

Year 2 (Amt in Rs.)

Year 3 (Amt in Rs.)














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Total Revenue












Total Cost of Goods




Gross Margin




Gross Margin











Selling Expenses




Total Operating




















Net Profit/Loss




Cost of Goods Sold:


Percentage Operating Expenses General & Administrative expenses


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Statement of Cash Flows: Particulars




Net Income




Plus depreciation and




(Increase)/Decrease in AR




Increase/(Decrease in AP




Total Cash Flow from




Purchase of Fixed Assets




Total Cash Flow from




Partners contribution




Increase/(decrease) in










Beginning Cash




Change in Cash







Cash Flow from Operations


Operations Cash Flows from Investing

Investing Cash Flows from Financing

debt Total Cash Flows from Financing Increase/(decrease) in Cash

End Cash

20 | P a g e

Projected Balance Sheet Particulars

Year 1 (Amt in Rs.)

Year 2 (Amt in Rs.)

Year 3 (Amt in Rs.)





Accounts Receivables




Total Current Assets




Fixed Assets








Net Fixed Assets




Total Assets










Partners Funds




Retained earnings




Net Income




Total Equity




Liabilities+ Net Equity




Current Assets


Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses Total Liabilities Owners Equity

Financial Projections Key Assumptions  Initial Capital Required – Rs 6250000 including Rs2650000 for building improvement Rs 675000 for equipment and the remainder for start-up working capital.  Revenue Growth - Brisk growth in years 1 and 2 for retail Bakery Café and wholesale business due to small revenue base.

21 | P a g e

 Operating Expenses – Ingredient Cost of Goods Sold (ICOGS) is modeled starting at 35% of revenue, narrowing to 31% by year 3. Remaining expenses represent predictable fixed costs such as rent, utilities, insurance and equipment maintenance.  Working Capital – Initial working capital of Rs2925000 is enough to cover six months fixed costs. A working capital infusion will be needed in Year 2 that will be introduced by the partners.

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