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i like being called mads. 18 & headed to college in august! i don't like sleeping. my dog's name is angel. i get to live forever. LIFE IS WEIRD OH WELL.

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July 27 2014

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July 27 2014

valinoreva replied to your post: anonymous said:What would you tel…

Congrats. Remember— porn is okay as long as it is SAFE and CONSENSUAL. Much of the porn industry is not.

I disagree, I would say that porn is never okay. The porn industry is disgusting, misogynistic, and dehumanizing. Even if you find porn that is not associated with the porn industry (?) and is “safe and consensual,” it will still perpetuate this addiction and could very easily lead to you going to “unacceptable videos.” (? by other people’s standards, not mine, because they’re all unacceptable to me.) Lust is something that always wants more and is never ever satisfied. Way too many studies have shown how it negatively affects you mentally + emotionally. I’d say your best bet is to just steer clear of it entirely! Save those sexy feelz for your future spouse ;~)

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July 27 2014

What would you tell me if I told you that I haven't watched porn in 4 days? I've been addicted since I was 8, I'm 17. I honestly don't know what to say to myself...
by Anonymous

I would tell you that I’m SO proud of you, and to not give up. You are better than your temptations. You are STRONG. Try to keep accountable with someone, I know it may feel embarrassing, but being real and open is never something to be ashamed of. I love you. This addiction does not define you.

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July 27 2014

Could you pray for my mum? She's going through chemo and has had to go in to hospital due to rising temperatures. I'm having to stay home with my brothers and I'm starting to get worried. Thanks Mads x God Bless xx
by Anonymous

assuming you’re in the uk or australia (mum, hehe) sending prayers from the US ♥ God has a plan

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July 27 2014

yay for self love sunday! What app did you use for your instagram post?
by Anonymous

"pic stich" :~)

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July 27 2014

Wait are you married? Or were you married? I thought I saw you post something about being married. Sorry just curious! I love your blog!!
by Anonymous

no!! i am 18! and single! and have never been married! hahaha

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July 27 2014

Are you feeling any nervous about college?
by Anonymous

lil bit but mostly just excited!!!

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July 27 2014

I need some serious advice!!! hi-top white converse or low top white converse??!!
by Anonymous

hi top!!!!

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July 27 2014


This isn’t real life; Annie is here.

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July 26 2014

Don’t you dare, for one more second, surround yourself with people who are not aware of the greatness that you are.

— Jo Blackwell-Preston (via melwent)

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July 26 2014

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July 26 2014

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July 26 2014



Suburbia Sweet Suburbia

this i s actually so lovely

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July 26 2014

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July 26 2014

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